Make Money Blogging Online While Working Fulltime

When recession hits major economies since 2007 that resulted to an increased rate of jobless individuals, having a 9-5 job became as important as the air we breathe to survive – people who thought of resigning from their jobs for several different reasons decided to stay and delay their plans. But even with their fulltime jobs, they continue to look for ways to augment their income because obviously times are harder these days. The good news is, one can make money blogging online without quitting their fulltime work and investing big time.


Everyone does it, and so can you. This is a good and easy way to make money blogging online because there are already plenty of websites nowadays that require you to write something such as product reviews or press releases. Topics can range from home improvement, to Internet marketing, to clothing lines, to gadgets, and more that will suit your interest. If you are worried that it might interfere with your workload, chances are, it’s not. When you decide to make money blogging online, you can do it in your spare time. Typically, two to three hours are already enough for you to create one 300-500 word article that could amount between $2 to a hundred bucks depending on the requirements of the client.


Advertising, whether your own product or someone else’s, is another popular way to make money blogging online. If you don’t have a product and isn’t considering having any, soon, you can sign up in some of the legitimate affiliate programs on the Internet. Every time you refer a customer to the merchant’s site through the banner ads on your blog, you earn a percentage on the sales made by the customer.


Do you have several pieces of useful and stylish clothes that are just crowding your closet? Then now is the best time to auction or sell them on your own blog and write a good and accurate description about each item to entice the interest of your visitors. Additionally, make sure to decide for the kind of payment methods you will accept from your buyers, and the type of shipping you will use to deliver your goods to your customers.

Everyone can make money blogging online, and fulltime workers are not an exception just because they are already spending hours of labor in their office desk. With the right tools and unfailing determination to increase and maintain your income stream, doing both can be a success.

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